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PostSubject: FORUM RULES   Thu Mar 22, 2012 7:46 pm

1.) NO SPAMMING! This applies for the chat box and on the forums.

1a.) Examples of spam.

Counting down when logging out of the chat box.(5,4,3,2,1.)

1b. vfvdfvdfbvfbsbg

1c. Keep posting the same thing.

1d. Double posting (Only exception is an update.)

2.) Don't insult other members in a serious and direct manner.

3.) Respect other members.(linked to rule 2)

4.) Don't argue with a mods decision.(this rule doesn't nesscarily mean to follow every order that a mod gives.)

5.) Don't go off topic.

6.) Don't bump a topic (Reply to a topic that is over 1-2 weeks of inactivity.)

7.) Do not post any inappropriate material.(Such as pornography, funny pictures are okay though)

8.) Make sure to indicate whether something in your post is a spoiler to a movie,book,tv show,etc by putting the content in a spoiler box.

9) Do not put overly sized images in your sig/post.(unless it's a sprite sheet or the conversation is in chat)

10) Do not make topic/post asking to become a mod,admin,etc

11) Do not make multiple usernames or alternative accounts.

12) Do not deliberately advertise other projects,sites,products,etc

13) Do not post stolen sprites unless given credit to original spriter.

14) If you have a problem with another member don't come to me, ask a moderator. That's what they are there for.

15) Don't post a animations that flashes or might give people seizures or is annoying/unpleasant to the eye.

16) If you get kicked from chat don't fucking PM me. There was probably a good reason for it.(If their isn't then contact another administrator about the abuse of power.)

17) The Other World section is not a place for spam, or posting EVERY LITTLE THING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU.

18) If something is said to you by authority, and is legit, you may NOT turn to the main administrator to get your way. IT ANNOYS members, and will get an AUTOMATIC 3 DAY BAN, ASCENDING THE MORE YOU BREAK THE RULES.

19) No racism whatsoever, this includes chat.

20) Do not post smilies in the chat.
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